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Chef Lina Fournistaki

Fish, seafood, local cheeses, vegetables and cold cuts, meat, our recipes, fresh and authentic, our view of cooking, for food enthusiasts, right on the beach of Kini, in Syros island, Cyclades.

The allou yialou experience. Tantalizing tastes enlivened with the most exquisite ingredients and the culinary creations is the devotion of the chef to great food paired with the most eclectic ambiance. A visit to the allou yialou restaurant can only be described as a love at first bite experience. Rright on the beach amid crashing waves, in Syros island. The treausures of the sea, fresh fish and sea food. Every dish is homage to the succulent treasures of the sea. Join us to the meeting point of some of the world’s most elite restaurants, where gastronomy and dining becomes a transcendent affair. The perfect summer feast. Meat lovers meet by the sea in Syros. A restaurant that serves sophisticated dishes; an establishment that never seizes to improve, introducing its devotees with new services and exquisite facilities year after year.
After more than a decade in allou yialou you will find an opulent beach life, in Kini with its soft sand, the crystalline azure waters. A meeting point synonymous to finding the true meaning of life. Leaving Hermoupolis, Ermoupoli the capital of the island, the road leads you to the beach of Kini after a short drive. The beach of Kini is almost always calm, easily accessible by car or by sea, by yacht as well. Endless Greek summer. Events, wedding, baptism, birthday party, celebrate your anniversary, host your private moments. Rest and repose from the bustle of the beach, refresh, chill out, relax. rocket salad, lettuce, goat cheese, walnuts, pine nuts, pomegranate, greek virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar, fresh mushrooms cooked in garlic, butter and finely chopped parsley, spicy Quinoa salad with shrimps, traditional goat cheese on crusted cereal and honey, fresh sea food, squid, salmon, tuna, mussels, tomatoes and basil, barley rusks topped with “kopanisti” a spicy cheese, lousa, fig, steamed mussels cooked in white sauce and finished with white wine, shrimps cooked in ouzo sauce with a taste of fresh cream, salmon fillets finished with aromatic vodka and lime, spices, with a light taste of cream and brique, beef minced meat, with bacon, chedar cheese and caramelized onions, pure Greek taste, “Giouvetsi”, juicy baby veal with barley shaped pasta, eggplant, zucchini and red peppers, grilled chopped tenderloin with tomato, onion, pita bread and the famous tzatziki sauce, yogurt with fresh cucumber, garlic and extra virgin olive oil, roasted baby goat baked in the oven or in casserole, with virgin olive oil and dried oregano, salad with lentils served with fresh vegetables and juicy cherry tomatoes, olives, octopus salad with caper leaves and baby white beans, traditional taste made with yogurt, fresh cucumber and garlic, fish roe salad, a combination of traditional ingredients with fresh fish roe, virgin olive oil and onions, grilled aubergines, vinegar, virgin olive oil and garlic, a refreshing taste prepared with diced chicken mixed with fresh vegetables and rich homemade, sea bass is cooked with lemon juice and spices, carrot, zucchini, mixed vegetables and served with capers and mint, mushrooms cooked in garlic, butter and finely chopped parsley, Greek feta cheese baked in the oven with fresh tomato, green pepper and virgin olive oil, cheese with crispy crust and lemon, shrimps cooked in a frying pan in a rich tomato sauce with pieces of feta, a variety of fresh grilled vegetables. Grilled chopped tenderloin with tomato, onion, pita bread, beef minced meat, with bacon, cheese and caramelizes onions, T-Bone steak, flavored with freshly cut spices. Served with stuffed baked potato with yogurt, fresh parmesan cheese and dill, freshly scented with spices, served with green salad, chicken fillet with sage, sausage scented with spices, dill, strawberries with whipped cream, seasonal fruits, fruit salad, apple pie tarte tartin with ice cream, brownies chocolate mousse, cheesecake ice cream. Vanilla, chocolate, banana, peanut, peach and chocolate syrup. Ice cream with fruits. Banana Splits, whipped cream, chopped walnuts. Allou yialou has a magnificent view to the beach of Kini and the Aegean Sea.
White and sandy colors and beautiful natural landscape and sunny weather. Allou yialou offers more dining options and ways to enjoy yourself. restaurant by day serving lunch and dinner. Perfect for a casual lunch with friends and
family after a wonderful day at the beach. There is nothing quite like this experience as you enjoy a refreshing beverage as you review the menu. Whether
relaxing during the day or as you enjoy your dining experience, gaze out over the wide sandy Kini Beach. Enjoy your meal or dinner in the restaurant, having light salads, fresh meat or fish, tasty pasta,
Greek specialties and desserts. The most important day of your life deserves one of the most beautiful settings. Greek hospitality combined with experience in organizing wedding celebrations will make your special day better than your dreams. Location by the sea, enjoy mediterranean cuisine and excellent service. Wwedding is a very individual occasion and allou yialou can take care of every detail including unique kind of happening. Organize your party to a success and an occasion you will cherish forever! Kini is a picturesque seaside village with crystal clear turquoise waters and one of the largest of the west in Syros, sunset island fine sand, easy access.

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